Hand Blender SG-280W-2208T

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Hand Blender SG-280W-2208T

●280W DC motor,low noise
●2 speeds,soft-touch switch
●Optional variable speed control
●Stainless steel blade
●Detachable shaft
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Optional accessories:


●Beaters and dough hooks

●400ml Chopper

●500ml Chopper

●1250ml Chopper(Double knives)

●1.75L multi-function chopper

●Chopper blade

●600ml Measuring cup with lid

●500ml Measuring cup with lid

●Potato masher

●Wall mount




  • Whisk
  • 400ML Chopper
  • 500ML Measuring Cup With Lid
  • 600ML Measuring Cup With Lid
  • Wall Mount
  • Potato Masher
  • A knife
  • Blade

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